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Keep reading for descriptions of some of our most popular training modules, including Positive Intelligence, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, and more.

Note: Can be done as training modules or informal curated conversations.

Strengthening Mental Fitness for Peak Performance

Based on the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science, this framework teaches how to build new mental muscles in the brain. Participants learn how to identify, intercept and control negative thoughts and emotions before they sabotage performance and relationships.

Creating an Environment for Success

Clear, direct & inclusive language, along with active listening, are among the most important elements of effective communication. In this session, leaders will build awareness of speech patterns and learn to communicate in a way that others feel heard, appreciated and valued. By listening attentively to the speaker and reserving judgment, participants will increase their ability to understand what is being communicated. These foundational skills are critical for interacting successfully with others, improving business relationships, reducing stress, increasing productivity, and achieving goals more quickly.

Understanding Yourself as a Leader

One of the most important skills of a leader is the ability to be self-aware. Having a deeper understanding of your own personal management style, your verbal and non-verbal tendencies in communication, and your unique strengths and challenges, will support you in becoming a more effective leader. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to do self-assessments of their leadership and communication skills, to reflect on professionalism, self-regulation and empathy and to share their observations and learnings with the group.

Inspiring, Supporting and Motivating Staff

An effective leader can provide support and build trust with their staff. Understanding staff’s unique styles, drive and motivation and having the ability to give feedback in a clear and direct way is essential to success. In this session, participants will learn how to identify individuals’ strengths/weaknesses, manage skills’ gaps, and create a plan for how to inspire and communicate more effectively with staff.


Effective leaders can optimize their team’s performance. Establishing SMART goals/KPIs, setting clear expectations and clarifying roles are essential to achieving measurable results. In this session, leaders will hone their ability to delegate, provide feedback and hold staff accountable while supporting their development and growth.

Turning Challenges into Possibilities (2 Module Series)

Successful leaders can manage their own emotions and resolve conflict effectively. In the midst of heightened feelings, they must be able to access a productive problem-solving strategy and toolkit. This session will focus on understanding one’s own conflict-management style, personal emotional triggers and the impact of both during communication breakdowns. Participants will learn grounding techniques, tips for handling conflict in the workplace and strategy to turn problems into opportunities. Role-plays will help anchor skills.

TEAM-BUILDING: Better Together

High-functioning teams have competence and trust – and focus on shared goals while respecting the uniqueness of the individuals. This session will support participants in assessing cohesion and performance, creating a positive work culture and vision, and identifying qualities that can make their team more successful. An experiential team-building activity solidifies the learning.

Additional Trainings Include:

    Up-leveling Self-Agency, Competence & Executive Presence
    Exercising the Power of a Solutions-Mindset
    Identifying Opportunities to Go Beyond the Ask
    Creating a Culture of Candor, Acknowledgment & Improvement

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